The Story

Passion and know-how, quality and tradition, such are the feelings which guide the vintages and the wine making of red, rosé and white wines, of Château Barbeiranne.

There, in the North of Hyères, in the Massif of the Maures, Marie Noëlle FEBVRE, graduated in vine growing and oenology, passionately fond of wine, farms, between sea and sun, 34 hectares of vineyards surrounded with 30 hectares of pines and oaks forests.

In the purest respect of the soil and under the high surveillance of confirmed oenologists, the wines AOC Coast of Provence Château Barbeiranne guarantees to the amateur, delicate bouquets, powerful aromas and fruity flavours.



Taking tenderness from the soil and power from the sun…

Planted on terraced hillsides of the Massif des Maures to the north of St Tropez, the vineyard feature several rocky plots of clay and limestone. The sun reigns from above as the Mediterranean Sea exhales its calming marine breath.

Legend has it that the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus introduced Syrah vines to the region. Grenache and Cinsault vines were introduced later, giving heat and fruity flavor to Provence wines. Plantations of Mourvèdre, Ugni Blanc, Rolle (Vermentino) and Cabernet Sauvignon also came to enrich our regional wines.